FBH Update: 19 AUG 2019

Hi Everyone

Please see below latest date on the situation with the Fistral Bay Hotel.

Firstly, our notes on the recent meeting with Acorn, secondly an update from a subsequent

conversation with Acorn last week, and thirdly attached is a schematic drawing of the proposed layout.

The substantive change is the proposed deletion of the second block to the rear and the

double underground car park.



Meeting – Wednesday 11am 7/8/19 Acorn Offices Present – Murray Johnstone, David Evison, Sue Smith and 3 members of the Acorn team.

Intro. by Acorn Blue – 34 delivered sites in Cornwall – 14 in Newquay – also In Exeter, Bristol and London. Possibly largest developer in Cornwall- considerable experience, especially coastal sites.

Approaching project with efficiency in mind

Current plan of 2 block too dense – propose to delete one block to the rear. Total approx.. 50 units instead of 74 and disposing of double storey underground parking.

Re- applying to Council under Section 73 planning – so new application may not be necessary Have submitted a pre-application to CC

Town Council Meeting on Monday Aug. 12

Queensbridge do have others interested parties

Could possibly shrink building up to 2 meters back from pavement – with overhang balconies on first floor and above subject to further details being developed.

SPV to be formulated with Acorn as the dominant partner

Acorn most likely to use their own construction company

When all units sold, freehold to sold/offered to residents

Estimate around 16 will be ‘full time residents’, the remainder as second homes.

Penthouse units predominantly single bedroom on current plan – hope to change this

Draft contracts between Queensbridge and Acorn have been prepared but not yet signed –

conditional upon section 73 planning. Queensbridge only involvement is getting revenue from sales

Acorn will make available 2 retail units, which could be combined into one – Acorn will possibly hold the freehold and rent retail units, although more likely sell, but depends on interest.

106 monies contribution calculations remain the same but will be pro rata re number of units. CIL does not apply. Existing agreement with Council has Atlantic playground funding – as this is already completed this could hopefully be transferred elsewhere – eg towards Fistral Beach steps project –very enthusiastic

PRA explained difficult for PRA to progress at this stage as engineers report needs to be part of total funding application.

Acorn supportive of this initiative subject to Cornwall Council and Newquay Town Council

PRA explained situation with roads on Pentire and PCR Limited/ Council proposal – agreed to send to Acorn.

PRA questioned use of renewable energy – Acorn has it under review – ground source may not be suitable owing to size of plot; also considering central gas boiler

Discussed cladding materials – gabions will not be used – other design/materials under

consideration, including how the penthouse area is finished. Ideas welcome!

Windows likely to be aluminium frames – tbc

Time scale – commence demolition by spring 2020 if Sec 73 can be used.

PRA agreed to notify basic information to Committee pre public Town Council Meeting on Monday


In my conversation with Andrew Strathdee, Acorn, on 13 August he confirmed (1) they’ve had a separate meeting with Joanna Kenny, who is supportive and (2) on Monday had a meeting with the Town Council, who were also supportive. Acorn are now pressing ahead with the contract to get it signed and have a pre application meeting with the planners next Tuesday (20 August) to go through the revisions and the 106 monies. Andrew Strathdee will let me know how it goes. Following that, they will approach designer/architect to get detailed plans drawn up with a formal application (under Sec 73) sometime in October. There is then, I think, a 13 week consultation process.


Murray Johnstone

Chairman – Pentire Residents Association

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