Stolen Bikes & Sneaky Suspects

cube e-bike

Sadly it is that time of the year again, and we aren’t talking about sunburn and stinger fish…

 You may have seen our friendly chairman out,

on his trusty black steed cycling his e-bike around.

But that was up until yesterday.

And now with a frown,

I am sorry to say the bikes are gone,

plucked right off the lawn.

Not by a Fistral Bay seagull, nor a hotel roosting bat 

someone more stealthy than that!

So now on to the plan…

Please help if you can, 

Find this ‘interesting’ man.

So it’s not just ONE BIKE BUT 2  BLACK CUBE E-BIKES w/BOSCH BATTERIES that were stolen.

It was noted that a 30-ish man with short dark brown or black hair, roughly about 5’8”-6′ was seen on Friday night taking a “reccy” and even snapping photos of houses and garages along Esplanade Road. 

The bikes were taken yesterday (Saturday afternoon) in broad daylight between 2-4pm from inside the garage. Just after they were discovered missing a reccy of the neighbourhood, we found locks and mudguards dumped alongside the road on Penmere Drive and Godrey. Right there at the very end a few more identifying items, like the lights and another lock. 

So! Obviously the nifty escape didn’t go as planned and they possibly turned around and headed back out along the walker’s route by the Gannel. 

If you saw anything or recognise these bikes


Murray here

And please be well aware of your belongings, because the ‘sunburn and stinger fish’ now have feet and sticky fingers.

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