The Pentire Greens Committee (PGC)

Our project to improve the Esplanade Green area by Fistral Beach.

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About The Project

The Pentire Greens Committee (formerly The Pentire Esplanade Project) has been set up by the Residents Association (in early 2014) with the main objective of improving the area of grass above the concrete steps leading down to South Fistral Beach.

After even a modest amount of rain access is not safe, the first impression gained by many visitors is not good and disabled access needs to be improved. Two lengths of new footpath are proposed with an expanded viewing/terraced area at the top of the steps. These will have to be constructed with suitable materials and there are also two new lengths of highway footpaths required to “fill in the gaps”. The pumping station/shelter also needs improvement works.

Top left: existing muddy footpath, bottom left: visitors and residents on Esplanade Green 10 years ago enjoying a Red Arrows display and main image the eastern part of the scheme.

It is essential to make proposals to Cornwall Council so that any available Section 106 money can be allocated and other sources of funding for the capital cost and any ongoing maintenance costs enabled (these should be minimal).

Support for the project is encouraged and the best way that any visitors or residents can help is by emailing us with any comments, reports of people falling etc. or general feedback as soon as possible. These will be forwarded to Cornwall Council together with an application to get this very worthwhile project “off the ground”.

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April 2016 Proposals

Letter from Peter Rourke

October 2016

I just wanted to write and thank all the community for the great work in getting this area paved and tidied up. I have a memorial seat since 2005 which is outside the Esplanade Hotel next to the bin and it has been me and my wifes source of comfort to be able to come down a couple of times a year since, to sit on the bench and remember our son to whom this bench is dedicated. His association with Newquay goes back to 1994 as he worked and made many friends there, many who still live, work and own businesses and often pop down to the bench. My wife is now in a wheelchair and it has been getting more difficult to transfer from car to the bench so the new pathways sound perfect for her and will make our visit vastly improved.

I myself was born in Newquay in the early fifties, with my parents meeting in Newquay and getting married there. My dad was in the RAF stationed at St Mawgan and my mother used to travel down to newquay every year after the war with her mother to work the summer seasons there in one of the Hotels. In fact my grandmother worked in The Atlantic Hotel kitchens one year and funny enough, my son James actually worked in the same place many years later a strange coincidence. James main place of work for many years was running a surf school on Fistral beach from the hotel “Offshore” and he would always be walking down this green and then the steps to fistral beach. We always went down on his birthday in August and spent many a time on the pentire watching over fistral beach. This little potted history is to show that my family have a long association with Newquay and in particularly this part which holds many fond memories as it did my mother and father.
So once again I wanted to express our thanks on this great community project and to thank everyone involved it will certainly make our visits more special.


Peter Rourke

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